U.S. Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte provided the Rio Olympics with an ongoing drama of lies and deceit that went on for days. His first story was that he and some of his teammates where held up at gunpoint during a night on the town. As we now know, that wasn’t true. But somehow celebrity interviewer Billy Bush still couldn’t get his arms around what was fact or fiction. Yes, Lochte first told his harrowing story to Billy, but that story changed with the help of eyewitnesses and security camera video. Once the truth was known, it appears Billy still didn’t quite get the message. This exchange with the Today Show’s Al Roker shows why its difficult sometimes for some members of the media to back away from a view where facts don’t match reality. By the end of this clip, Bush seems to have come to his senses. Thanks to Al Roker for being the voice of reason.